June 26, 2005


It's Good To Be The King

Stephen King bludgeons the media in the June 24/July 1 edition of Entertainment Weekly:
With the enthusiastic collaboration of the American news media, the sideshow (the Michael Jackson trial) has become the main attraction in American culture: The weirder the guy, the bigger the headlines. It's sickening that it takes a columnist in an entertainment magazine to point out that the number of newspeople who covered the Jackson trial (2000) is roughly equivalent to the number of American servicemen and women who have died in Iraq. On the same day that crowds gathered in Times Square (and around the world) to learn the fate of the Pale Peculiarity, another four suicide bombings took place in that tortured, bleeding country. And if you tell me that news doesn't belong in Entertainment Weekly, I respond by saying Michael Jackson under a black umbrella doesn't belong on the front page of The New York Times.
It's good to see something like this in the MSM for a change...

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