May 06, 2005

Random iPod Song That Caught My Attention And Rocked My World

Like a lot of people, I mostly listen to music in shuffle mode, whether at work, in the car, at home or at the gym. I no longer have the luxury of my youth when I would buy a new album, place side one on my turntable (how quaint), listen all the way through, flip it over to side two and do the same.

While I'm nostalgic for those good, good times (ah, side two of "Thick as a Brick"), I've had no problem adjusting to modern living. In fact, I enjoy the occassional surprise that comes with hearing a great song for the first time when it just pops into my head at random.

I've mentioned the great mp3 site emusic a number of times on this blog. Recently, I had to rush to download my 65 song quota before the month ran out (you pay for a certain number of songs per month and, unfortunately, if you don't use 'em, you lose 'em). Fortunately they had the new The Decemberists album and the entire back catalog of "my new favorite band", The Weakerthans. Yesterday, while waiting for the B Train, The Weakerthans' "Wellingtons Wednesdays" came on for the first time. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Listen to it here:

(make sure you stick around for the great lift from New Order's "Temptation")


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