May 17, 2005


The Greatest Nickelodeon Show...Ever!

It's not Ren & Stimpy (a close second) and it's certainly not my two lame contributions (although I am proud that Nick Rocks literally world-premiered the very first They Might Be Giants video and that my last act as producer of Don't Just Sit There! was to help book the band Fishbone). No, the greatest Nickelodeon show ever was (and now is, thanks to the miracle of DVD):

pete and pete

It's out today. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. It will make you smile.

I always liked You Can't do that on Television
Pete & Pete not only on DVD but live!! The actor who played the older Pete is in a play in New York City this summer in July. And it isn't expensive.
They have a website at
check it out
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