May 05, 2005


Cash Money Millionaires, What Have You Done???

Somehow, we've gone from this:
cash money milliionaires to this:

(Click to watch the greatest TV commercial, ever)

Thought you would like this. big bucks

It's information like this that really opens one's eyes. Cool conversion money
conversion money
man yall niggaz was doing it what the fuck happened. yall was the shit now yall gay as hell crying about who gets the most money when yall from the same hood and could of got the shit to gether. one yo nigga lil.O.G from Raleigh N.C
cash money is still the shit thow. niggaz just need to stop set trippin only ckrabs do that shit
Lil OG is you blood or what nigga?
Hell ya nigga Blood in Blood Out R.I.P O.G Ty I Bang Blood till my Ckasket drop.
5hit dat5 wa5 hood We5t5ide Outlaw 20 c.K. all day YOG B dat o.g bbbbblllllaaaaattttt!!!!!5^ all day
Yall niggaz needs 2 get yall shit togaether and dats some ReAl nigga shit.5^ SOOOWOOOP
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