April 15, 2005


This Is Pretty "James"*

Salon, which I'm currently having a love-hate relationship with (for example: love this; hate this), reminds us (via the highly opinionated but excellent source for free MP3s, Audiofile) why the '80s sucked but in an amusingly sucky way:


(Click to Watch. Warning: Features an elderly woman blowing bubbles and sharing a hot tub and schvitz with Carl Lewis)

*Things we learn from our nephew: Declaring someone or something "Gay" is nothing new. But it seems that some New Jersey teens, "enlightened" by a fairly recent political event in their state, have switched from using the word "Gay" to the proper noun "James" -- as in James McGreevey. Politically insensitive and incorrect? Of course it is. It's also pretty hilarious.

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