February 17, 2005


Life During Wartime

This ain't no fooling around. The Bottom Line? New York continues to treat it's historic nightclubs like (the) Mudd (Club):
The legendary downtown club that ushered in American punk rock is in danger of being priced out of its longtime haunt.

CBGB is facing the prospect of shutting down when its lease expires in August — and its annual rent could reach nearly half a million dollars.

For more than 30 years, CBGB has anchored the Bowery with its eclectic mix of live bands.

When owner Hilly Kristal opened the club in 1972, rent was a mere $600 a month for the space under a Bowery flophouse.

But now that the neighborhood has become chic — that is, pricey — Kristal's rent could reach almost $40,000 a month, twice what the Village Voice says is now $20,000.
The Village Gate: Gone. Tramps: Gone. Brownies: Gone. Coney Island High: Gone. Mudd Club: Gone. The Bottom Line: Gone. Tonic: Almost Gone. Luna Lounge and Fez: Soon to be Gone.

But I hear you can go see U2 at Madison Square Garden for $169.50.

Sad. Very, very sad.

Don't forget the Wetlands - gone. The Bottomline was one of the great last holdouts and it's a shame. OTOH there's still some good music happening cheap in the Village, but it is very sad to see the Village as a whole become so mainstream and upscale.
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