February 03, 2005


Last Night's (Semi-) Love Fest

The Rude Pundit slices and dices it:
It is not "bold" to target gays for isolation and denigration in the Constitution; it is not "bold" to cut domestic programs that mainly help those in poverty so that massive tax cuts can be made "permanent;" it is not "bold" to say that you want to create a Social Security system that no longer guarantees a retirement benefit for seniors and that cuts benefits to others; it is not "bold" to hinder scientific developments under the veil of "protecting life;" it is not "bold" to declare that that we should make sure that people on death row are actually guilty; it is not "bold" to imply that you will use military force to impose your political will on other nations. If this is what passes for "bold" in this America, then, indeed, cowards should hold their heads high and declare that their pusillanimity is actually "bold" retreat. Or maybe such "bold" people will just ink their fingers purple in solidarity with Iraqi "voters." Or the truly "bold" will dress in purple (like Condi).
Kudos to the Dems for collectively deciding not only to sit on their hands during Bush's Social Security lies but to actually boo The Big Turd Sandwich (or if they didn't exactly boo, they at least said "Murmer, murmer, murmer"*).

*What movie, who said it? (Hint: Same movie, different character: "Into the mud, Scum Queen.")

That movie would be The Man With Two Brains

The murmuring was coming from the audience of Dr. Hfuhruhurr's lecture on the Screwtop Brain Surgery Method.

Steve Martin said, "Into the mud, Scum Queen!" to Kathleen Turner...as he threw her into the mud.
Very impressive, Anonymous. Bonus points for finishing this quote from the movie: "I can't f*ck a ________"
I don't mean to be Anonymous...it's me, your friend NB.

And the answer you're looking for is "gorilla". :-)
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