February 10, 2005



In case you haven't heard anything about the incredible story about a "reporter" who supposedly used a pseudonym to get White House press credentials in order to throw softball questions and further the Bush agenda while at the same time running a gay escort service (whew) - and you might not have since our always reliable mainstream media (MSM) has either soft-pedalled or ignored the story completely - pay a visit to AMERICAblog which has been all over this scandal, up, down and sideways. In one post, blogger John imagines what would have happened if this story broke during the Clinton years:
-Congressional hearings in the House and Senate.
-Demands for a Justice Dept. investigation - how did this man get past security, who let him in, what were his ties to these male prostitute URLs, and who else on the White House staff may have been involved?
-Appointment of a special counsel.
-Demands for a slew of firings of White House staff.
-Never-ending questions about Hooker-gate directed to the White House staff and the president from the Washington media.
-All sorts of questions about what the president's wife knew, and when she knew it.
-And non-stop 24-hour coverage on CNN and FOX.
Actually, you could take everything that has occurred during the Bush presidency, from the intelligence failure of 9/11 to the irresponsible tax cuts for the rich, to the Valerie Plame outing, to lying us into war, to Bush's ties with Enron, to Cheney's energy policy, to Haliburton's no-bid contracts in Iraq, to Abu Gharib, to nominating the man more or less responsible for Abu Gharib, to lying about Social Security's future, etc. and imagine the size of the cross Clinton would have been nailed to. Hell, Bill was hung out to dry just for getting an expensive haircut...

"Ah.. Ah.. Ah..
Don't fret precious I'm here.
Now step away from the window.
Go.. back.. to.....sleep.
Where your safe from pain,
From truth,
And choice.
An' all the poison devils.
See they dont give a f*** about you! ...like i do.

Counting bodies like sheep..
Counting bodies like sheep..
To rhythm of the war drum!


"Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of the War Drum" by A Perfect Circle
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