January 25, 2005


Dear Senator _________

We the People of the United States are tired of Dishonesty and Cowardice being rewarded in Washington, D.C. Therefore, a vote for Rice or Gonzales (dishonesty) equals a vote against you (coward) in your next election. Stand tall and stand together with your fellow Democrats. Remember: You work for us.
01) Go here to find your Senators.
02) E-mail them
03) Tell your friends to do the same

Editor's Note: I realize that even if every Democratic Senator votes against Rice and Gonzales, we won't have enough votes to stop their confirmations. However, I feel strongly that our party should be on record as having opposed these clearly undeserving nominees. Bush ran roughshod over our party and the media for the last four years and now he and his fellow Republicans feel empowered to do whatever the hell they damn please. This cannot continue. The least we can do is send the Republicans a message.

Nice dog. Nice business website. I like it, very clean and simple and to the point.

You're awesome. Your site fantastic. Love your opinions. I was
actually nauseous last Thursday... Bush is an idiot, but why and
more importantly HOW did he get re-elected? How did that

You are so seemingly activistic, how do you find the time?

And on your business, I wish you were in LA. But I think
you do stuff too short for my needs. Although I am trying
to get to NY to finish our post.

Anyway, just wanted to say... cool site. While I wish I could
muster the strength (it could be the migraine I woke up with
today) but... and I am embarrassed to admit, I won't be
writing my Senator. One, because I am feeling defeated,
Two because of the migraine I am about to hit the bed,
Three, because while I am living in California, I am a
resident of Wyoming (one of the RED states) and I am
back to feeling defeated it will surely fall onto deaf, dumb
and blind ears.

I will however give you an little potential lift with this website
that a friend of a friend just started.


It's a site for the folks with the blues.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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