November 03, 2004


From the WTF?!? Department:

Okay, so it's 2:45 and I should obviously stop drinking and go to bed, but I just saw Pat Buchanon on MSNBC agree with John Edwards' statement that every vote should be counted. And I think pigs just flew out of my butt...

not pigs... naders.
I'm from Michigan, a blue state. You've got an interesting blog here. I've agreed with much of what I've read, but need to make one comment about some of the remarks I've seen here. I know people who voted for Bush. They're not crazy, they're my friends. In many ways they are like me, in some ways they are different, but they are not insane or crazy.

Your characterizations of those who support Bush has been cruel and ridiculous, especially the stereo-typing of Christians. If you took the stuff you've written about them and substituted "blacks" or "Jews" people would clearly be turned off by your bigotry.

Please examine your attitudes.
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