November 02, 2004


"Blood is Thinner Than Oil"

Bush Relatives for Kerry
This is my favorite Bush relative, Samuel Prescott Bush HouseSamuel Bush
Like many of my fellow Bush relatives, I too am voting for John Kerry in this election.  I am ardently and unapologetically progressive in my beliefs, but I hold many of the same views that many of my more conservative relatives also hold.  

I am often disheartened when liberals, conservatives and the media alike look for ways to pigeon hole people according to a perceived set of political beliefs.  If, for example, I am in favor of environmental regulation, I am a “Liberal”.  If I am in favor of welfare reform, I am a “Conservative”.  George W. Bush, my second cousin, labels others in this way, regularly and consistently.  This kind of behavior is both simplistic and offensive to me.  When we hold this kind of perspective, it forces us to to see others in black and white hues and further polarizes us as we consider the “liberal” or “conservative” person across from us.

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