October 28, 2004


It's Called Momentum

First the Patriots beat the Jets. Next, the Red Sox take 8 games in-a-row to win the World Series. And then their GM had this to say:
"This is such an emotional lift for people in New England and all over the world," Boston general manager Theo Epstein said "I hope they enjoy it. I hope they do something good with it. I hope they go vote Tuesday and make the world a better place."
Go here to read more about the youngest GM in baseball history. epstein President Kerry should make Epstein his Secretary of O.B.P.

And for you non-sports fans out there, here's some non-superstitious momentum:
Democratic Sen. John Kerry gained some ground on President Bush among swing voters in the last month, with several citing the presidential debates as a factor in their shift, according to a poll released Wednesday. The number of swing voters in that group either committed or leaning toward Kerry was 40 percent, up from 28 percent in September. The number either committed or leaning toward Bush was 38 percent, compared to 34 percent in September.
I'd say it's in the bag unless those Rovian f*#kers steal the damn thing again...

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