October 01, 2004


Hard Work

Here's yet another debate video, this one inspired by the fine work of Atrios. Thanks for the idea...

Also check out MoveOn's overnight response to the first debate.

*New: And the debate videos just keep on coming. Our P-resident just makes it too easy for us (like shooting fish in a barrel). Here's one from "The 313"...

Also, The Rude Pundit has some questions as to how Bush really knows how hard war is (not for the timid or easily offended):
The Rude Pundit may be baffled by the rhetoric, but did the President actually say that he understands how "hard" war is because he watches it on TV? Said Bush, "And it's hard work. I understand how hard it is. I get the casualty reports every day. I see on the TV screens how hard it is." Motherfuck, the Rude Pundit occasionally watches Fear Factor, and he wouldn't claim he understands how hard it is to eat a pickled pig sphincter, let alone fight an urban war. And what TV screens is he watching? 'Cause, you know, unless he's been watching a bootleg DVD or download of Fahrenheit 9/11 or is tuned into Al-Jazeera, Bush ain't been seein' jackshit about what's really going on over in Iraq. When Bush is crouched down behind a burning Humvee trying to hold in the ripped-up guts of his buddy, trying to figure out when to time a run for help so he doesn't get shredded by the bullets whizzing all around him, then he can claim he understands how hard it is to be a soldier in a war. (In one of those "Goddamnit, Kerry" moments of screaming at the television, Kerry should have fired back at Bush, "You watch it on TV? Lemme show you a scar in my leg and you tell me who understands better how hard war is.")

If you weren't offended by the above excerpt, trust me: you should be reading The Rude Pundit every single fucking day. But trust me on this as well: this paragraph is kid's stuff compared to some of his other posts.

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