October 27, 2004


"Fame, (fame) puts you there where things are hollow"

Well, as World O' Crap correctly predicted after I was "discovered" by Wonkette ("The good news is that he will probably be the new Washingtonienne, and be showered with fame, book deals, and Playboy spreads."), the offers have been pouring in. Wonkette's link to "I'm Just Sayin'" has put us over 250,000 hits in less than two months and according to BlogShares we're now worth $9,448.61. Well, I'm not ready to sell. But I'm more than ready to sell-out. So I went with the best offer out there (scroll down to see):

go take a shower
I'm even thinking of taking a job with Lie Girls.

On a less disturbing but still troubling-to-me note: The increased traffic has put a heavy burden on my WebHost. Apparently I caused the disruption of a number of sites who use the same server as I do. As a result, my Host is squeezing me for more money (to be honest, he's been more than reasonable). I'm not sure I can afford to go with a dedicated server or even increase the amount of bandwidth I currently have. So, my question to all of you out there in BlogLand is: Can anyone recommend a good, solid yet cheap WebHost? Thanks. And now back to our regular progam...

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