October 22, 2004


The Day My Blog Broke

Let me tell you the sad tale of The Day My Blog Broke:

The Day My Blog Broke
by Krup

The Day My Blog Broke
Was a Day of Triumph
and a Day of Poop

The Day My Blog Broke
Was a Day of Triumph
Because My Blog Became Famous (for about 2 minutes)

My Blog Became Famous Because
of a Rude Hand Puppet and a
Wicked D.C. Gossip (not to name names but let's just call her Wonkette**)

My Blog Became So Famous
That My WebHost Freaked Out*
and Pulled The Blog's Plug

So The Day My Blog Broke
Was a Day of Poop Because
Thousands of People were
Deprived of the Hand Puppet

Sad, Really.
Now All of You Go Back to Work.

Thanks for breaking me.

*Actual e-mail from my WebHost (is it just me or does he not sound exactly like Scotty from Star Trek?):
It doesn’t look like it is over yet…..I’ve been watching the logs to see if it has slowed down…below is a log for about 1 minute and there is to (sic) much traffic to set up the video’s (sic again).

It simply won’t be able to handle it…. Yesterday it backed up the system..people couldn’t receive mail for hours, their website (sic sic sic) weren’t coming up..scripts broke and I got many complaints.

I can change the site (sic) first page back to what it was…but I couldn’t have the video’s (uh, sic) up…there is no way 100’s can view the video’s (sic) at the same time….if we want to do that…we would have to put them on a server by themselves or something like that.
What Have You Done People?!?!?!

**Jiminy Christmas! Now Sullivan and World O'Crap are linking to me. You'd think at least Sullivan would mirror this clip himself (he certainly has begged for enough money over the past couple of years). If I were you, I'd link to him and give him a piece of my mind...

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