September 01, 2004



So, I was reading in some fine, reputable publication (I think it was the Wall St. Journal or My Weekly Reader) about some new craze that has been taking the country by storm. It's a little thing called Blogging. Apparently, all the kids are doing it. And I thought, hey, anything that's "you know...for kids" is something that I have to check out. And check it out I did. I believe I've visited and read at least 250 Blogs and, as a result, probably reversed the effects of my Lasik surgery.

Now, I in no way think I could even begin to compete with some of my favorite blogs and websites (see the links* to the left which also include three very cool MP3 sites) but I thought I could highlight the postings I thought were the best out there in cyberspace and perhaps even add a few, naive opinions of my own. Hey, and if I figure out how to work this thing, I might even be able to provide some multimedia extravaganzas for you.

One note on tone and content: I am a Liberal Democrat (note the capital letters). I'm all for an open discourse but ultimately this is my site and I hope you respect that. I have only one other requirement for those who wish to share their comments: You must be a registered voter if you are a U.S. citizen -- no excuses. It won't be your country anymore if you don't participate. I'm just sayin'...

OK, with that out of the way, welcome readers and fellow bloggers. Hope you like what you see and read.


*WARNING: The Rude Pundit is exactly that. Adults only.

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