September 03, 2004


A Thing of Beauty

With humble apologies to The Daily Show, here it is, your Republican Convention Moment of Zen.

Cute, far as "thinking on his feet": Don't you suppose his reaction was planned ahead of time? I.e., "If there's any kind of ruckus, George, make sure you show you're unperturbed--how about, say, a little smile and a wink." I'd say simple planning more than brilliant impromptu thinking...
I was being sarcastic.
adili says: 'he was waiting for his handlers to feed a line into his earpiece. his writers must really suck.'
Nothing like the traditional snear as you opress someone. Of course he's smiling, he knows he can disapper you and your family with complete impunity, why should he get upset.
It appears to me that he's waiting for the teleprompter to rewind to where he left off. He re-starts rather abruptly, sort of "Ah, that's where I was."
For a second there, it looked like he was going to freeze up and start reading My Pet Goat.
one word: creeeeepyyy
The wink was at the protester, because the protester was a planted Republican operative. They wanted to show how disrespectful Democrats are, to interrupt the president.
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