September 01, 2004


Taking Back America Rally

Just crashed the AFL-CIO's "We're Taking Back America" rally (I'm self-employed). Admittedly, I went to see Steve Earle perform, but I was completely blown away by everything else I saw and heard. 8th Avenue, from 23rd to 30th, was stuffed with Union workers of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. We're talking firefighters, electricians, sheet metal workers, cops, garment workers, plumbers, hotel/motel workers, etc. -- in other words, the very people must of us take for granted everyday.

The stage featured a number of eloquent speakers, from Union leaders to victims of out-sourcing, all discussing the loss of jobs, healthcare, retirement benefits and overtime under the Bush administration. Special guest star James Gandolfini told the crowd that he's "mad that these people" (the Republicans) are here; mad that he has to "walk around like a rat in a maze in order to protect these people"; and "mad at President Bush who didn't come to New York until four days after 9/11."

Earle played two very Union-centric songs on acoustic guitar. And, although he didn't wow the crowd, he went over a helluva lot better than Dexter Freebish did at the Republican Con on Monday (who/what the hell is Dexter Freebish anyway?). Fortunately, Earle wasn't crass enough to plug his new album but I am and will: It's called "The Revolution Starts Now" and it's available on Artemis Records. If you're cheap, you can download the entire album at Emusic* currently has a free trial offer which includes 50 free MP3s. It's a great site and worth actual money if you have any spare cash and your job hasn't been out-sourced.

*Note: I am in no way affiliated with emusic nor do I get any kickbacks from them. It's just a cool MP3 site.

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