October 22, 2010


Comedy Gold

Donate (and more clips) here.

October 14, 2010


Nate Spewman: The Mis-Informant

Help stop Spewman here.

October 13, 2010


Gorillaz Live on Letterman

Me & the Missus were lucky enough to catch Gorillaz at Madison Square Garden last week (with Mick Jones & Paul Simonon of The Clash, De La Soul, Mos Def, Bobby Womack and certifiable old fart Boo Lou Reed). Here's an intimate 45 minute set the band performed the night before the much larger MSG show at the Ed Sullivan Theater:

October 11, 2010


Have You Registered To Vote Yet?

Go here for state by state information on voter registration. For some of you it may be too late. Thanks for hating America.

October 06, 2010


I Guess I Can Forget About Sleeping Now

NSFW (Penises, language, nightmares)

October 05, 2010


Move Over OK Go

Canadian band Hollerado sings a song about Philadelphia (?) and other U.S. cities in this one-take, stop motion video which took "lots of practice":


She's Not A Witch, She's You?!?!

Is this, A) a campaign ad, B) a weight loss ad or C) an anti-depressant ad?

Well, it made me depressed and I threw up a little in my mouth so I'm going to go with B.

BTW: If she's you and not her that might very well make her a witch. Or perhaps a shape shifter.

October 02, 2010


Blog Post of the Week

From Wonkette:
Who knew that inside the mashed-potato brains of Rick Sanchez there was all this simmering, misplaced racial fury? If we were forced to guess, we would’ve said the main thoughts inside Rick’s brain were “time to poop!” and “don’t need to poop yet.”

October 01, 2010


More Like This Please

This guy is the real deal -- and he's got a great sense of humor (I've also heard he's an excellent kisser). Check him out on The Daily Show:

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