August 31, 2010


Honor Restored, Thank Jeebus

August 28, 2010


"Today thousands of Americans are gathering in Washington DC for what appears to be the largest Weight Watchers meeting ever."


(Image "courtesy" of Wonkette)

August 27, 2010


Beckapalooza May Be Proof That America Is Finished

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But at least we have things like this to keep us sane:

August 25, 2010


How To Beat Republicants & Tea Baggers In November

Just keep repeating this simple question:

If the George W. Bush tax cuts (i.e. bailouts) for rich people are working, how come we've been LOSING jobs since the cuts have been in effect and why is our economy still tanking? Something tells me our country could use the extra $36 BILLION we'd get from letting the tax cuts expire.

For more ideas on how to fight back against lying Republicans and Fox News (same thing), check out this article by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.


There's Something About Pee Wee

I honestly didn't think at 58 Paul Reubens could still pull it off (so to speak) but this piece definitely has some genuine laffs:

Pee-wee Goes to Sturgis from Pee-wee Herman

August 24, 2010


Cool Fire Freeze Frames

AW and I have pretty much written off going to the movies. Much of it is because, to paraphrase the old Snoopy cartoon, "We love mankind, it's people we can't stand." Seriously, who wants to sit in front of people talking on their cellphones or people who repeat every other piece of dialogue or people who bring their entire dinner to the theater? And don't get me started on the guy to the right who has no regard for another person's personal space.

Other reasons to avoid movies at the movie theater: Anxiety over getting a good seat; ridiculously loud THX sound; 20 minutes of crap before the trailers; 15 minutes of crappy trailers; bad, overpriced popcorn; those tubs o' soda; lousy prints; ballooning ticket prices. Oh, and laziness.

Laziness may be the key. Or more likely, it's convenience. If you can afford a big enough screen and decent sound (simply routing your DVD player, cable box, etc. through your stereo works just fine if you don't want to deal with the whole 5.1 surround madness) and you have access to HD movies on cable and, most importantly, streaming Netflix, why bother spending 2-3 hours with strangers in a dark room with a sticky floor? Which reminds me of another reason not to go to the movies: Whose bright idea was it to make average movies last beyond 2 hours? In the old days, when I used to walk to school shoeless in the snow, only event movies were 2-3 hours and they would mercifully have a built-in intermission. Can you imagine the horror of sitting in a movie theater for 2 hours and 26 minutes (2 hours and 26 minutes!) watching Sex in the City 2?!?!? You couldn't pay me enough money.

All of this leads me to the real purpose of this post: Thanks to the convenience of being able to watch almost everything imaginable right in the comfort of your own home, if perchance you want something else to eat, need to go to the bathroom two hours into Sex in the City 2 or, most likely in our case, get another bottle of wine, you can press the magical pause button. Two nights in a row there was an extreme need for more wine so I pressed pause. The following are the two random freeze frames that brightened up our living room (the first one's obvious; a cookie for whoever guesses the second one):

Come on, hit me.

We all go a little mad sometimes

Well, I thought they were kinda cool.

August 22, 2010


Read These:

How Fox Betrayed Petraeus

Taking Bin Laden’s Side

(Seriously, how wrong does the Right need to be to finally convince stupid people that the Right IS ALWAYS Wrong?)

Now STFU (especially you, biotch) and watch this:

TELEPHONEME | MK12 from MK12 on Vimeo.

You're welcome.

August 19, 2010


It Takes An Arm(e)y Of Dicks To Lead The Tea Baggers

The complete Daily Show interview with Republican gasbag Dick Armey:

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August 05, 2010


This Is Funny/Sad/Important...You Should Watch It

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August 04, 2010


This Could Be The Best Thing I've Seen On The Internets

(within the last two hours):

(It's only dirty if you think it's dirty.)

via videogum

August 02, 2010


"So long as American corporations keep squeezing their work forces, there can be no real economic recovery."

Bob Herbert writes what should be obvious to everyone but instead has become all muddled thanks to Tea Baggers who simultaneously "think" there's too much government yet "think" the black man who's not really American should be creating jobs; Republicants who blame Obama for the lack of new jobs even though it's mainly because of Repulicants that the stimulus was not as big as it could've been not to mention the fact that they do everything they can to protect and defend American corporations; and the members of the "news" media who desperately want a horserace in November so they can have something to masturbate about:
The treatment of workers by American corporations has been worse — far more treacherous — than most of the population realizes. There was no need for so many men and women to be forced out of their jobs in the downturn known as the great recession.

Many of those workers were cashiered for no reason other than outright greed by corporate managers. And that cruel, irresponsible, shortsighted policy has resulted in widespread human suffering and is doing great harm to the economy.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Andrew Sum, an economics professor and director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston. “Not only did they throw all these people off the payrolls, they also cut back on the hours of the people who stayed on the job.”


In short, the corporations are making out like bandits. Now they’re sitting on mountains of cash and they still are not interested in hiring to any significant degree, or strengthening workers’ paychecks.
Ah, let's hear it for The American Dream.


This Is Fascinating, Tell Me More:

And let's not forget rubbernecker-fuckers. All it takes is one person who stops paying attention to what's in front of him...

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