July 24, 2010


I Dare You To Refudiate This Video

(via TBogg)

July 22, 2010


The Mashup Is Alive & Well, Thank You Very Much

For those of you about to rock who thought the mashup phenomenon had worn out its welcome, I present to you the mighty Kleptones' epic new creation, "Come Again":

Get the entire new Kleptones album, Uptime/Downtime, for free (!) here and check out their collaborative video project here.

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July 07, 2010


Happy 70th (!) Richard

Ringo Starr, the undisputed (IMHO*) pioneer of rock and roll drumming, turned 70 years old today. Let's hear it for "The Greatest":

(*and I'm not alone)

July 06, 2010


Double Rainbow, All The Way! Oh My God! Oooooohhh Wow! It's Full On! (What Does This Mean?)

The original, in case you missed it:

"It's so beautiful. Oh, and now there's snot all over my hands! Oh my God!"

The lesson: Stay inside everyone. It's dangerous out there (especially when it's pushing 100° like it is here in NYC today).

P.S. - You should see the guy who was crushed by a double rainbow get crushed in a cage fight:

Hungry Bear is a big, sensitive man. And a really shitty cage fighter. But, ladies, he's one fantastic dancer:


They Left Out The Part Where Jesus Rides A Dinosaur

The Big Bang gets the stop motion-street art BLU treatment:

BIG BAG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

(via The Daily What)


If This Doesn't Give You World Cup Fever...

...you need to check your pulse.

July 01, 2010


"What the fuck happened to the F Bomb on the blog?"

That was an actual question from an actual I'm Just Sayin' reader. As someone who hates to disappoint what's left of his loyal following, I bring you:

They're Just F'in Sayin'.

(NSFW. Earmuffs on!)

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