February 17, 2011


Yes (and, of course, Duh)

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"I want you all to call your United States senator and ask him or her to support hearings into the corrupt, bogus and unpatriotic way this country was marched to war eight years ago...We now know from the Secretary of Defense's own hand there were no nuclear weapons in iraq, no production facility to make them, no evidence of such purchase of any weapon, no attempts to buy such weapons, nada...I ask you to call your Senator (202-224-3121) and cite the Rumsfeld book and the National Intelligence of 2002, which he cites...It's time we see nationally televised hearings like the Fulbright hearings on Vietnam. Who got us into this war and for god's sake why? Why did they start a war for a reason they knew wasn't true? I'm not going to stop asking this question until hell freezes."
The "Duh" refers to the fact that MILLIONS of us knew the nuclear weapons claim was completely bogus 8 years ago. The "Yes" should be self-explanatory.

what's sad is that the democrats could have held investigations 5 years ago, but the first thing Reid/Pelosi did when the dems took back congress was say that Iraq hearings were off the table...

Other than Paul Wellstone (RIP), the dems were just as complicit on the invasion and much too busy making money off the financial bubble. They didn't want the scrutiny that an Iraq investigation would have generated anymore than the repugnicans that were in charge...
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