June 16, 2010


The Passion of the Prez

Thanks to idiots on both the left and the right, Obama cannot win. No matter what he does, he's either a Sellout/Republican-in-disguise/Traitor (my friends on the left) or a Marxist/Socialist/Dictator (my enemies on the right).

Today, we have proof that our President is not to be messed with: BP has agreed to set aside $20 billion dollars in escrow to pay for damages from their goddamned oil spill. This is rockin' good news (remember how Exxon got away easy with the Valdez spill - I believe the BP agreement is at least 20 times more than Exxon paid and it's not capped at $20 billion). Remember: Obama said he would "make BP pay" and lookee here, BP is gonna pay. So, Obama is truly a man of his word.

However, I've yet to see anyone on the left side of the blogosphere offer any praise for our President. And, of course, over on the right, Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins has, according to Salon, attacked the President's treatment of BP:
"...according to Jenkins, by declaring a moratorium on offshore drilling and then asking BP to compensate unemployed oil workers Obama is like 'a policeman [who] kicks out your taillight and then writes you a ticket for a faulty taillight.'"
Jenkins then goes on to blame Obama for BP's collapsing share prices.

Jenkins may have a better command of the English language than Governor-Quitter Palin, but his mind is just as bent when it comes to the thought of government getting "in the way of the private sector’s progress." (see below)

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