June 16, 2010


Here's Some Passion For Ya

Oh jeez, if we're not careful, we're going to end up with this retard in the Oval Office:

This is what amounts to expert advice on how to plug up the oil leak from ex-Governor Palin: “The Dutch, they are known and the Norwegian, they are known for, um, for dikes, and for cleaning up water and for dealing with spills” - yup, she actually said that. Then she really goes nuts: After accusing Obama of not making the oil spill his number one priority, she lays out what she would do if she were the "CEO" of the country: "National security – safety of the people – needs to be the top priority, that’s where we need to be funding instead of funding these other things on the periphery that really just get in the way of the private sector’s progress, their ability to produce and to thrive and to prosper.” And of course their ability to create a disaster like our current situation in the Gulf of Mexico.

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