February 13, 2010


This Is What I Imagine Hell Looks Like

Pretty Much Everytbody I Hate in The Pop Music World All Gathered Together In One Studio:

Actually I have nothing against Gladys Knight & Tony Bennett. I used to like Carlos Santana - 40 years ago. Same with Brian Wilson, before the breakdown.

And, of course, it's for a good cause so who am I to criticize? I'm just Krup. But I still hate 90% of the music generated by the "artists" who "generously" donated their precious time to make this wonderful video. It's a toss up, though, as to who is the worst: Jamie Foxx? will.I.am.? Celine? T-Pain? Josh Groban? The Jonas Brothers? (notice that the Jonas boys didn't get any solos -- that's because they can't sing).

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