January 07, 2010


Chris Matthews Sticks It To The Party Of "No"

The so-called liberal media has been going apeshit over how the Democrats are clearly in trouble because of the "surprise twin" Senate retirement announcements yesterday, while generally ignoring these simple facts: 15 GOP House members are retiring/not seeking re-election vs. 12 Dem House members. 6 GOP Senators are leaving by choice vs. 2 Dem Senators. And 5 GOP governors are stepping down vs. 3 Dems.

Republicans are currently gloating ("giggling like the Easter Bunny" according to Chris Matthews), citing President Obama's drop in approval ratings and using the Ft. Hood and Underwear Bomber attacks as a political issue to defeat the Dems in the 2010 elections (classy).

Fortunately, Matthews has decided enough with the bullshit:

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via The Huffington Post:
What have the Republicans done for America lately? Or in the past couple decades?

That's what Chris Matthews pressed Republican strategist Todd Harris about during Hardball on Wednesday.

Matthews repeatedly asked for examples, while citing negative examples like Bush-era spending bills, Katrina, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Harris tried to keep the focus on the 2010 elections and expressed hope that Democrats would keep going after Bush so the GOP could stay on message about being a balance against the current Democratic leadership.

Matthews suggested one answer, which Harris latched onto. "The Bush administration kept the country safe," said the guest.

"Except the one big day," the host shot back.

"YouTube is watching," he told Harris. "You're the Republican consultant. One of the best in the country. Tell me what the Republican party has done for this country in the last ten to 20 years."

Harris stayed silent.

"Thank you," Matthews said to his recurring GOP guest as he closed the segment.
Thank you Chris. Not only is the Republican Party the Party of No but clearly also The Party of Nothing. Here's the final exchange quoted above:

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