January 19, 2010


5 for 5


I always thought it was cool to have been born in the first month of the first year of a new decade. For one thing, it was always easy to remember exactly how old I was (this has become less cool over the years).


The other great thing was being able to measure my life by decades and, by extension, the music of each decade.


Being born when I was always seemed to be a blessing culturally: I was able to experience the sixties without having to get lost in them and I was able to go to college during the height of the punk and new wave movements (I slightly remember getting lost in them).


There is no doubt that the music of the past five decades has had a profound effect on me, informing to some extent my politics and to a large extent my aesthetic tastes.


By clicking on any of the above images, you can hear 25 songs from the past 5 decades (who knows where the time goes?*). I tried not to think too much about putting the mix together and, of course, there are a ton of omissions (picking 5 great songs from each decade is an impossible task at best) but I think it's a pretty good overview of what types of songs turned me on decade by decade.


Peace, Love & Understanding,


5 decades

*a great song, unfortunately not included.

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