February 10, 2009


The Rude Pundit "Whiskey-Blogs" Our President's First Press Conference

Oddly, his report only contains 6 F-bombs. Some highlights:
(All quotes pretty much guaranteed to be inaccurate.)

8:01: And we're off. How odd not to see a President who hunches along like Slim Pickens after being kicked in the nuts.

8:02: How odd to hear a President tell us straight that shit's fucked up.

8:03: Calls the economic problem "a full-blown crisis." Now that's fear that's tangible, not the unprovable fear of "terrorists" bombing the mall.

8:05: Assures us that jobs will be created in the private sector, which is just a bullshit way of saying, "Don't fear the socialism. Fear the subcontractors."

8:07: Says that it's bipartisan, motherfuckers, even if Republicans in Congress have taken themselves out of the equation.

8:07: How odd to hear a President say that he's not sure something will work. All this honesty, calculated though it may be, is gonna take a long damn time to get used to.

8:08: Goddamn, Republicans must be shitting themselves. They pushed him into a corner until he had to bring out the rhetorical sword, and he's swinging it. Even if it's about a week too late.

8:09: The first question is already about trying to undermine his credibility. A question: why don't reporters act like this is just post-9/11? This is arguably a worse actual crisis, if not quite as spectacular. It's more like a tragedy directed by Ingmar Bergman, not Michael Bay. No, deference is not pretty. In any circumstance. But the stink of hypocrisy is as pronounced as a fart in an old elevator.


8:33: How odd to hear the President refer to reporters by their actual names and not some schoolyard nickname.

8:37: How odd to hear the President with a grasp of facts and an ability to grapple with difficult economic ideas in words that don't sound like his chief of staff just pulled his string.

8:39: Nice question from Ed Henry on if transparency extends to the Bush-era ban on photos of flag-draped coffins of dead soldiers. As expected, Obama says it's under review.

8:42: He lays out a complex plan for how to save the Afghanistan conflict, involving military and diplomatic efforts.

8:45: Hey, wow, the Fox "news" guy asked a dickish and irrelevant question on whether or not Joe Biden was giving away some super-secret conclusions that the stimulus bill is not gonna work. And Obama laughs at him and then makes a point about the nature of actually trying to fix problems.

8:47: A-Rod question?
Ladies and Gentlemen, there's an adult in the White House (sadly there's still a bunch of whiny-ass Republican babies in the House and the Senate and there's some real children in the White House press pool: That A-Rod question was asked by some turd from The Washington Post).

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