February 06, 2009



Thank you Jon. You know, for as long as I can remember, Republicans have been all about party over country. And it's no wonder since the majority of Republican "leaders" are rich, white men and their party's policies serve their interests best (Tax breaks! Drill baby drill!). And, I'm told most Republican "leaders" are also scumbags.

And speaking of scumbags, perhaps the biggest Republican scumbag of all-time, Dick Cheney, recently emerged from his man-size crypt to give us some startling information (information which leads us to the ultimate conclusion: Dick Cheney is a Terrorist):

Just die already Dick. Hell needs your brittle bones, putrid flesh and lame-ass heart.

UPDATE: Fuck the Republicans! (some fine writing, courtesy of Monkeyfister) and The Rude Pundit takes a good look at the actual stimulus numbers.

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