February 26, 2009


Jimmy Fallon = Fail

Jimmy Fallon is so bad, he can even make Jack McBrayer unfunny:

Jimmy's wall-eyes are freaking me out. Who wants to look at that five nights a week? Didn't he learn to read cue cards when he was on SNL?

Pull the plug now NBC, before it's too late.

Totally agree. I've switched to Craig Ferguson. I give Fallon until the end of summer before he's canceled.
Totally Aweful.
No amount of nbc Google spamming is going to mask it.

Nothing against Fallon. Really. Its just the bar had been set really high, and not many people can do the whole Talk show thing.
Right now for some stupid reason I'm sitting here watching and waiting for something funny to happen... thinking maybe I just don't get it. It's so bad it's like a burning house. I can't turn away. He just isn't funny...
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