January 28, 2009


We All Deserve Medals of Freedom

Somehow, we survived eight years of this:

Speaking of which, last night we went to see Will Ferrell's You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush. Try to get tickets (it's an extremely limited run). Or wait until the HBO broadcast of the show.


It's a pretty comprehensive look at our long, national nightmare. It's also fucking hilarious. I'm guessing/hoping this show will be the final judgement of W's sad legacy.
“I kind of feel like he’s someone who — and I think this is documented — he is someone who is seeking acceptance throughout his entire life, and finally got into the most prominent position of power in the world, and then thought ‘My way or the highway,’ ” said Mr. Ferrell, who paused as he discussed Mr. Bush, choosing his words carefully rather than cracking jokes that might seem demeaning. “There are times when I was doing him and I thought, ‘I kind of feel sorry for him.’ But then I’d think, ‘No, he’s a grown man, he needs to be held accountable for what happened.’ ”
Oh, and the show features a Polaroid picture of Ferrell's penis. Bring the kids!

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