January 16, 2009


"Every kid gets a trophy"

Smirky McChimpy Chimp sez Goodbye to the Nation (and takes less than 2 minutes to bring up his crowning "achievement": 9/11):

This delusional speech was best summarized by Chris Matthews:

"Well, it was a score card that only he could design, and of course he did well on it, uh, but in the way that today every kid gets a trophy who participates..."

Hi! I've been really enjoying your blog for well over a year now. I have a q-- Did I get a really upbeat lots of horns and bass picking and keyboards, MP3 off of here? it's "Yes We Can (pass 3)" is how it's listed in my itunes. (it;s *not* the will i am track from the b&w vid on youtube) I'm thinking it was here since I love your christmas compilations! If so, can you post it again?? Thank you so much and have an absolutely wonderful 20th!!!!!!!

found it...searched your blog. Duh! Thanks!
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