November 27, 2008


Give Thanks for Barack & Michelle Obama

How amazing is it that we're going to have two warm, intelligent, funny HUMAN BEINGS in the White House come January 20th? Their daughters are pretty great too. Quite a change from these ass clowns:


Happy Thanksgiving from Get Your War On

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(As usual, NSFW or "friendly" family gatherings.)

November 25, 2008


Yes, Thank You Sarah Palin

SNL writers dream they could ever be this hilarious.

November 23, 2008


Brad Has Needs

Now that the election's over, accounts receivable and payable can get down to discussing the things that really matter:

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(Totally NSFW...if you work in an office where people are offended by grown ups telling each other to fuck off.)

November 21, 2008



Best use of CGI and a dead guy ever?

(h/t videogum)


God, I hope she runs in 2012

...and 2016 and 2020:

...As (Palin) staged an impromptu press conference after pardoning one lucky bird, a worker at the Triple D Farm and Hatchery in Wasilla sliced a turkey's neck, bled it out and twisted its head off behind the governor, directly in the camera's line of fire.

A reporter asked Palin if she was okay with the backdrop. The Alaskan Governor answered, "no worries." As the bird's head was removed, the man looked over his shoulder at the governor and reporters and flashed a toothy grin.

"I was happy to be invited to participate in, in this, and, uh, and, you know, for one, you need a little bit of levity in this job, especially with a, uh, so much that has gone on in the last couple of months that has been so, um, political, ah, obviously, that it's nice to get out and, and do something to promote a local business and, and to uh, just participate in something that isn't so, um, heavy-handed politics that, uh, invites criticism," said the governor in what appeared to be a single sentence.

"Certainly we'll even invite criticism for doin' this too, but at least this was fun!" she pronounced.
(via The Raw Story)

November 20, 2008



I wouldn't touch that inbred cowboy either.

November 16, 2008


Obama's First YouTube Address or Hamster on a Piano?

I'm going for both (ain't the internets wonderful?):

(h/t Dependable Renegade for the hamster-thang)

November 14, 2008


Get Your War On: Obama Bandwagon

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November 13, 2008


Photo of the Day: Mac/Pac Prez

(h/t BoingBoing)

November 11, 2008


K.O. on Prop 8

This is why MSNBC extended his contract for another 4 years:

Fuck California -- well, at least the Californians who voted for this heinous proposition. As Keith asked, "What is this to you?!?!?"


Here's to Our Vets

Including my Dad who "enlisted in the Army at age 17 and became a Staff Sergeant in the 69th Division of the infantry, doing combat patrols in France and Germany during World War II. He also wrote for the Army's Stars and Stripes newspaper, and re-enlisted after the war to become public relations director for a series of 'soldier shows' in Europe."

Dad: WW2
(Click the pic to help support veterans)


Why McCain Lost So Badly, Reason #38

Obviously Barack Obama ran an amazing campaign. And he had a lot to run against (Bush, tax cuts for the rich, an economic collapse and two failed wars). But we also have to credit this little lady for her consistent, mind-numbingly stupid answers to smart questions.

If this had really happened, McCain might have had a shot.

(h/t reader Bob)

November 10, 2008


Run Don't, um, Sleepwalk

My wife, niece and I got to see Mike Birbiglia's one man show, Sleepwalk With Me last night. Mike is my favorite living American comedian (Dead: Mitch Hedberg; English: Eddie Izzard -- so Mike's in good company). Needless to say, we all loved the show.

Essentially, it's his standup routine, expanded and shaped into one story with multiple tangents, so the experience is a lot like going to a comedy club without having to sit next to drunken tourists. The story is all about Mike's battle with REM behavior disorder, "a condition that causes him to act out events in his dreams while remaining asleep." His dreams include bears that can open doors, jackals and Brad Pitt from Fight Club so you can imagine how messed up his condition is.

A blogger described Mike as being "pudgy and awkward" but I'm gonna go with "poochie and endearing." Also, did I mention he's fucking hilarious?

If you live in the New York area, you should definitely check it out. I'm guessing Mike might have to pay for some outstanding doctor bills.

November 07, 2008


R.E.M. Celebrates Obama's Victory with an Old Chestnut

"I Believe" from 1986's (!) Life's Rich Pageant:


Get Your War On: New World Order

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"Attention Passengers: The Straight Talk Express is No Longer in Service"


"There's No One as Irish as Barack Obama"

Everybody sing!

(thanks Maxwell)

November 06, 2008


Good Doggie!

November 05, 2008


Easily One of the Most Historic Nights in the History of Our Country

Thank you Barack and thank you voters for restoring my faith in this once-great nation.

Here's Jon Stewart making the announcement last night (and watch Stephen Colbert appear to tear up):

Now comes the hard part...

November 04, 2008


"Fired Up? Ready to Go!!!"

This guy can spin a yarn. Try to imagine George W. Bush, John McCain or Sarah Palin pulling this off...



Bruce: "Ladies and Gentlemen, here's our next first family..."

And in case you need any more motivation:

November 03, 2008


Joe & Noah's Obama Infomercial

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Ridiculously stupid and crass. I laughed my ass off.


Bruce & Patti Rock Cleveland with Obama



B & P

B & P

Bruce meets family

More here.

UPDATE: Video!


The Real Mavericks

Guess who didn't make the cut:


R.I.P. Yma Sumac & Studs Terkel

WFMU (of course) has two great tributes to two originals:

Yma Sumac: 1922-2008

(5 Octave Range!!!)

Studs Terkel: 1912-2008


Some of these people are your neighbors

"Please vote. It's the only legal way to cancel out your neighbors."

November 01, 2008


Palin Pranked

This is classic: Sarah Palin actually thinks she's talking to French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his assistant (when in fact she's talking to notorious Quebec pranksters, The Masked Avengers) :

Early in the conversation, the fake Sarkozy tells Palin one of his favourite pastimes is hunting.

"We should go hunting together," she offers. "We can have a lot of fun together while we're getting work done. We could kill two birds with one stone."

Audette then jokes that they shouldn't bring Cheney on the hunt, referring to the 2006 incident in which the vice-president shot-and-injured a friend while hunting quail.

"I'll be a careful shot," responds Palin, who praises Sarkozy throughout the call.

"I look forward to working with you and getting to meet you personally, and your beautiful wife, oh my goodness," she says.

"You've added a lot of energy to your country with that beautiful family of yours."

(After about 5minutes): "Oh, have we been pranked?" Palin says. Seconds later, Palin's aide can be heard before the line goes dead.
Sarah Palin, dumber than a box of rocks.

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