August 06, 2008


John McBoob

McCain courted the oh-so-critical biker vote yesterday at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and suggested that his lovely, pill-stealing second wife enter the Miss Buffalo Chip contest. Cindy responded with a wave and a thumbs up. The contest sounds like family fun, no? See for yourself:

(Click to watch/Not completely SFW)

"You stay classy, San Diego!"

I think that video should be required watching for any Clinton supporter who pledged to vote for McCain. And that was just the creepy part of his speech to his "friends." Check out McCain's energy plan:

(Click to watch)

h/t to The Rude Pundit who had this to say:
"Of course, John McCain won't have to pay any price for making an appearance at an event known and celebrated for its public drunkenness and fucking for an audience, not to mention dressing like (and in some cases actually being) outlaws. Imagine if it was a bunch of black people doing this, booty-shakin' in thongs, wearing gang colors, and downing 40s, and Barack Obama showed up to speak, and you pretty much can assume that Bill O'Reilly's neck veins would pop and shower his set with arterial spray. But because it's good ol' boys and girls? Well, that's just goddamn American fun.

"Yes, it was a fine day for the McCain campaign, with the candidate suggesting that his wife strip for the crowd and saluting the waste of gas, saying of the roar of engines, 'It’s the sound of freedom,' and, of course, dependency on foreign sources of oil."

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I couldn't agree more, with your comments and Rude Pundit's. It's so frustrating to see McCain get a pass for such incredibly lame/appalling campaigning.
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