May 26, 2008


I'm back. Looks like most of my predictions have come true. What I couldn't have predicted was Hillary Clinton out-Huckabeing Mike Huckabee:

Please don't tell me her words have been taken out of context or misconstrued. She clearly meant it ain't over till it's over...that shit happens...that, for instance, someone could drop out of the race due to an unfortunately timed assassination. I'm not saying she's planning on killing anyone. She was just putting the thought out there. Even if you excuse it as simply "bad taste" you have to admit, that's EXTREMELY bad taste.

Anybody out there still support her candidacy? Because, if you do, that means you support someone who has morphed into a complete and total asshole. Someone who does not give a shit about her party or perhaps even her country. Just someone who believes that becoming President is her destiny and she doesn't care how she achieves it.

And besides, do you really want another drunk in the White House:

"Happy" Memorial Day, y'all. Don't forget to remember the 4394 men and women who won't be barbecuing or drinking beer with their families today thanks, in part, to Hillary R. Clinton's support of George W. Bush's war.

the dead

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