May 17, 2008


Gone Fishin' Drinkin'


You kids behave. Back on the 26th.

Some predictions for while I'm away:
• Barack Obama will pick up at least two high-profile endorsements. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will still be patiently waiting for the all-important David Duke endorsement.

• Someone will win American Idol. I think it will be the one who has sort of a decent singing voice.

• Obama will win Oregon. Clinton will win Kentucky. Hillary will claim massive momentum.

• Mike Huckabee will spend the entire week trying to get his foot out of his mouth. The usual suspects will line up to defend him and claim that his "joke" was taken out of context.

• Kevin James still won't know the definition of "appeasement."

And here's another little something for "Rico Bach": This is what actually happened on the set of Inside Edition 20 years ago:

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor


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