June 22, 2006

We Have a Winner!


Tony Franciosa (loved your work in The Name of the Game) thought our Mystery Celeb was Sly Stallone. Tony obviously is suffering from a strange, nostalgic Stallone time warp: Sly hasn't had this much hair since his Rambo days:

Sly Sly
(Stallone: with hair extensions & with hair plugs)

However, "Anonymous" correctly guessed that our Mystery Celeb was Naveen Andrews from Lost (I'll let Anonymous' misspelling of Naveen slide). Tell him/her what he/she's won, Don!
"It's a New Car...


Click to watch

(Directed by Steve Ayson of The Sweet Shop, New Zealand)


Tony Franciosa said...

Goin' Out West
(Tom Waits/K. Brennan)

"Well I'm goin' out west
Where the wind blows tall
'Cause Tony Franciosa
Used to date my ma..."

Love the Blog! You do a great job and make me laugh often.

Slyce said...

Ahhh!! Sly Stallone!! The man with the best hooded eyes in Hollywood!!